St. Mary's University Music Department, Winona, Minnesota


The Music Department at Saint Mary's University offers a challenging and enriching curriculum for music majors, minors and students wishing to pursue music as an avocation. Music majors prepare themselves for one of a variety of careers in performance, education, or music industry, or graduate school. Saint Mary's University offers BA degrees in Music Performance (band and orchestral instruments, piano and voice), Music Education (K–12 Classroom and Vocal or K–12 Classroom and Instrumental), Music Industry (Music Business or Music Technology) and a liberal arts emphasis BA degree in Music.

The SMU Music degree programs help students develop the skills required for success in one of several career paths. Musical study also provides students with opportunities to develop and enrich their personal and spiritual lives and develop the basis for life-long participation in the arts. Music majors who complete graduation requirements from the Saint Mary's Music Department will acquire knowledge of music history, including western music, world music and contemporary musical genres. Students will also learn analytical skills in the areas of music theory and aural skills, analysis of music from all historical periods, andwill develop skills and understanding in conducting, arranging, improvisation and technology appropriate to their area of emphasis. Music majors will demonstrate performance skills on their primary instrument or voice, as well as piano skills, appropriate to their major emphasis.

The music faculty members are active professionals and nurturing mentors to their students. Faculty members and students present an ambitious calendar of recitals and concerts each year. Please see the course descriptions for complete listings of student ensembles, all of which perform on a regular basis, many of which tour regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Saint Mary's University Music Department strives to incorporate the philosophy and the goals of the broad LaSallian, Catholic tradition in our daily lives and work.

The Saint Mary's Music Department is unusual in that it stresses collaboration and cooperation over competition. This is not to say that we fail to strive for excellence, but rather that excellence is achieved through cooperative effort, mutual support, and the experience of peer mentorship and leadership. We are indebted to the late Br. Laurence Walther, FSC, founder of the Music Department, for this example. The pursuit of excellence in music, as in all things, is predominantly a process of individual discovery and measurement against one's self. The faculty is here to guide and advise in that process, but ultimately each of you must be responsible for your own growth and learning.

The growth of the Music Department in recent years makes Saint Mary's an exciting place to study music, and we look forward to your energy, participation, enthusiasm, and contributions to the department and to your respective areas of study.

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music. NASM: 11250 Roger Bacon Drive, Suite 21, Reston, VA 20190; 703-437-0700