St. Mary's University Music Department, Winona, Minnesota

BA Music Education

This program is designed to meet the needs of students who plan for a career in music teaching in the public or private schools. This comprehensive degree program meets the State of Minnesota licensure requirements for the music education K–12 classroom and vocal music, or the K–12 classroom and instrumental music areas. Please be advised that meeting the requirements of both the music major and education requirements for licensure may take more than four years; contact the program director if you are interested in the combined five year degree program with the Master’s of Arts in Instruction option.

Please note: Students considering teaching in this area should be in continuous contact with the coordinator of this program and the education department. Students should also check each semester for possible changes in course work required of them as they work toward certification at SMU. Students must meet the requirements of the education department for licensure as well as the specific music education courses and teaching methods courses. Please see the education section of this catalog for complete details. Only music-related requirements are listed in this portion of the catalog.