St. Mary's University Music Department, Winona, Minnesota

Vocal Studies

Studio Voice Instruction has, as its primary goal, the development of proper vocal technique, including the correct physiological approach to singing, resulting in good tone, vowel formation, breath support and control, and freedom from unnecessary tension. Students will be assigned appropriate repertoire from the classical literature as a vehicle for study, and will also therefore learn about the music of various periods and styles, and gain exposure to a number of languages in addition to English.

Each voice student is required to arrange a weekly lesson time with the instructor, and must arrive on time and ready to sing. In the case of music majors and minors, it is expected that the student will have done some basic warm-up exercises before arriving at a lesson.

Students are expected to engage in daily vocal practice, including work on both literature as assigned, and on vocalization.

In addition to individual lessons, voice students attend a Voice Studio Seminar Class. These classes take place approximately every other Wednesday, from 12:30 to 1:20. Most of these classes consist of student performances and critiques. Occasionally, special presentations or lectures will be presented instead of performances, on such topics as vocal health, stage presence, auditioning, etc. Music majors and minors typically perform on at least two Voice Studio Classes per semester, and performance majors are encouraged to sing as often as the schedule permits.

Juries are required for majors, scheduled during the last week of school or early in the week of finals.

Voice study at Saint Mary's emphasize the classical repertoire. Vocal Coaching is also available as a course for students who have had at least one semester of vocal study, and who wish to focus on presentation and acting as it relates to vocal music, especially musical theatre.