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The Writing Center exists to support writing development of undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in any of the academic programs at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus.   

The Writing Center is staffed by a professional writing coach and assistant.  Our aim is to develop students' writing ability, not simply correct their papers.  We achieve that goal through  workshops, courses, publications, a Web site, and individualized coaching sessions,

The Writing Center  offers services to instructors as well as students.  Faculty services include in-class workshops and mini-lessons,  support for class writing projects, and assistance to students referred to us.  We also review faculty writing upon request. 

Services are provided at  the Writing Center on the Twin Cities campus and by email and telephone.  (See Making Appointments).



On-Site Services for Students

  • Writing Conferences A writing coach will read your paper, respond to it, and discuss its strengths and weaknesses with you. (Please bring your instructor's guidelines for the assignment, the style manual for your program, and your computer disk.)

  • Questions  We will be happy to answer questions about APA, grammar, punctuation, or usage.

  • Word Processing Instruction  Microsoft Word 2000 for Windows XL

  • Text Resources  APA style manual, dictionary, thesaurus, grammar and rhetoric guides, research writing guides.

  • ESL Coaching  Students whose native language is not English can develop their English writing and speaking skills.

  • Courses  The Writing Center offers four one-credit elective writing courses. For details see the SMU Course Schedule or click here.

  • Workshops  Check the Class Schedule or click here

  • Publications:
         Introduction to the APA and Other Writing Tips for Graduate Students.  University bookstore ($4) or click here.
         Undergraduate Writing Guide for Bachelor Completion Programs. University bookstore ($3.75)



Off-Site Services for Students

  • Consulting by E-mail.  Submit papers as e-mail attachments to cprentic@smumn.edu or myener@smumn.edu and receive feedback by e-mail from Writing Center consultants. Ask your questions in the body of the e-mail, and include your telephone number and program name.

  • Consulting by telephone:  612-728-5100 (local) or 866-437-2788, ext.154 or 152 (toll free)



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