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Each term the Writing Center offers the following courses for one elective credit. Consult with your advisor or program director. Dates and times appear in the SMU Course Schedule. Register for these courses as for other SMU courses. All classes meet at the Twin Cities Campus. For more information contact the Writing Center (612-728-5154) or   The instructor is Cheryl Prentice, Writing Center Director.






SSVC500 Orientation to Graduate Writing and Research

 1 elective credit

Familiarizes graduate students with the expectations and conventions of graduate writing and research at Saint Mary’s University. Designed for students with limited graduate writing experience, students who want to refresh their writing skills, and students who need to learn the APA style. Course content includes (a) forms of graduate discourse, (b) rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage for APA; (c) word processing functions that support APA style; and (d) methods and resources for graduate research through the Saint Mary’s University Library. Grading is pass/no credit (P/NC).

SSVC555 Graduate Writing Workshop and APA Style

 1 elective credit

A writing workshop in which students develop and refine writing skills as they complete writing assignments for a linked course in their program area. Course content includes conventions and styles of academic discourse, rules of APA style, word processing functions to support APA style, and effective methods of analyzing and discussing academic writing. Concurrent enrollment in a "linked" program course is required. See program director or advisor for details. Grading is pass/no credit (P/NC).





Dates and Times of Courses

Fall 2004 

SSVC500  Wednesdays, Sept. 15 and 22; Oct. 6, 13, 20
5:00-8:00 pm, LaSalle Hall

SSVC555  Wednesdays, Nov. 3, 7, and 17: Dec. 1 and 8
LaSalle Hall



Free Mini-Workshops

Word Processing and APA Style 

Introduction to Microsoft Word for Windows and its application to American Psychological Association (APA) formatting style.   Students will learn how word processing can support their writing efforts.  In addition they will learn how to use the APA style manual effectively, how to send and receive documents as e-mail attachments, how to navigate the online Writing Center and its links, and how to manage word processing files. 

Presenter:  Cheryl Prentice, director of the Writing Center 
Reservations:  Limited to 15 students.  Call the Twin Cities campus Writing Center  at 612-728-5154 to reserve your space.  
Preparation:  Students who do not have their own e-mail account should obtain one through the Twin Cities campus Library Resource Center by calling  612-728-5108 prior to the workshop.  Bring a current edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association and a copy of the booklet  Introduction to the APA and Other Writing Tips. Both items can be purchased at the campus bookstore.

Dates and Times, Fall  2004:  Thursday, September 9.



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