Writing the Executive Summary

An executive summary, as the term implies, is a summarized version of a longer presentation.  It is similar to an abstract, but it is usually less formal.  It is intended to be read quickly and easily by an audience that is not necessary expert on the topic.  Executive summaries vary in length and format.  The list below will provide you with guidelines and examples.


A List of Online Resources

Overview: Executive Summary

Writing@CSU, Colorado State University


Writing the Executive Summary

Columbia University


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University of Dayton School of Engineering


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G. Jay Christensen, California State University Northridge


How to Write an Executive Summary

University of Maryland Business Plan Competition 2004


Writing Executive Summaries

James C. Morrison, Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning, Massachusetts State University


Good and Poor Examples of Executive Summaries

UniLearning, University of Wollongong (Australia)


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