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Note:  Many of the Web sites listed here have been recommended by the National Writing Center Association or by other university writing centers. The Writing Center at the Twin Cities campus of Saint Mary's University of Minnesota does not maintain these Web sites below and is not responsible for the information contained within them.


Other Web Sites for APA Help  

The sites below contain APA style information provided by the Web page authors.  These sites may be helpful to you, but they are not a replacement for the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, which you can purchase from the book store.  
Click on a link below.



1. Purdue University OWL  (Online Writing Center)
APA Style Electronic Formats  Dr. Mary Ellen Guffey 
 APA Style Resources on the Web  Ellen Hoffman, Asst. Prof., Eastern Michigan Univ  
4. Russ Dewey  "APA Research Style Crib Sheet" Georgia Southern University
5. University of Southern Mississippi
. University of Wisconsin-Madison  


American Medical Association Style   

These sites may be helpful to you, but they are not a replacement for the American Medical Association Manual of Style, which you can purchase from the book store.  Reference copies are also available in the campus Writing Center (1 copy) and the campus Library Resource Center (two copies).  Click on a link below.

1. Healthlinks  University of Washington
2. ICMJE  International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
3. St. Louis College of Pharmacy    
4. Simmons College
6. University of New England Libraries





Links to Other Writing Centers 

These sites are maintained by some of the best university writing centers in the nation.  Although you can't submit your papers to them for revue, they do offer a wealth of information to help you with your writing.  Click on a link below.

1. Capital Community College  Hartford, CT, Dr. Charles Darling. This site has won many awards.
2. Dartmouth College Composition Center 
Writing resources for students 
3. Duke University Writing Studio  
Look at Duke's "Resources for Writers" section.
4. George Mason University 
Check out GMU's "Resources for Writers" and "ESL Assistance."  George Mason University uses Diana Hacker's A Writer's Reference.

5. Harvard University  Good tips on many writing topics and the best explanation of thesis to be found on the Web. 
6. MIT Writing Center 
The writing center Web page at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology allows you to type the topic of your writing question.  The Web site then searches for your topic and provides information on it.
7. Indiana University 
Contains an especially good page on avoiding plagiarism. 
8. Michigan Tech University 
This site contains so much excellent material that highlighting a single topic wouldn't be fair.  Go there and browse, but do pay attention to the "Getting Started" section.   
9. Purdue University OWL  
This is the largest and oldest online writing center in the nation.  It offers much more than can be summarize in a sentence.  Go there and browse.
10. St. Cloud State University 
An excellent site that is very easy to navigate.  
11. San Jose State University 
This is a link to several "rhetorical glossaries," for those times when your professor says you use too many euphemisms, that your argument is a tautology, or that your alliteration is distracting.  So what do those terms mean?


ESL (English as a Second Language)  

Some of the sites below contain commercial advertising.  Saint Mary's University of Minnesota has no association with these commercial advertisers and offers no endorsement of their products. Click on a link below.

1. Purdue University ESL  Provides an easy index with handouts and exercises for each topic.

2. Capital Community College  This site is not designed only for ESL students.  However, it contains a handy index of topics, and it provides easy-to-understand explanations of grammar, punctuation, and usage.

3. English Page.Com  Contains dozens of English language resources for intermediate and advanced English learners.  Includes English-translation dictionaries for many languages.    
4. English/Hmong and Hmong/English Dictionaries 1999 version, containing about 4.000 words in each dictionary, including key vocabulary for the St. Paul School Elementary Curriculum 

5 The Internet TESL Journal 
This is the teacher's version of the site below.  Advanced students will find interesting and helpful articles here.

6. The Internet TESL Journalís Language Activities for ESL students


Plagiarism Information

The Catalog and Student Handbook of Saint Mary's University School of Graduate and Special Programs states the following:

Plagiarism is the inclusion of someone else's words, ideas, or data as one's own.  When a student submits fork for credit that includes the words, ideas, or data of of others, the source of that information must be acknowledged through complete, accurate, and specific citations, as well as quotation marks if verbatim statements are included.  By placing their name on work submitted for credit, students certify the originality of all work not otherwise identified by appropriate acknowledgements. (p. 26, "Academic Dishonesty")

Plagiarism is a serious academic offense and carries severe penalties.  If you have questions about plagiarism, consult the Writing Center, or click on one of the Web sites below.

1. Colorado State University 
2. Baylor University

3. DePauw University

4. University of California, Davis
5. SMUMN Faculty Resources

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