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Campus Parking Regulations-General Information

The ability to park and drive on campus is a privilege, extended by the university, to persons who demonstrate a valid need to park and drive on campus. This privilege can and will be revoked for abuse or repetitive violations. The campus roadways and parking system are used constantly by the community and visitors. Pedestrian traffic and roadway safety are a primary concern of the university. The Department of Campus Safety has created traffic and parking regulations that all drivers are expected to follow. Below are highlights of the current parking and traffic policies. A copy of parking regulations may be obtained at the security/switchboard area in the Toner Student Center.

Parking Policies (PDF)

Parking Permits

In order to regulate vehicle traffic, all motorized vehicles are required to display a current permit. Permits may be purchased at the Campus Safety desk for a fee. All unregistered vehicles will be tagged and/or towed. To register a vehicle, a driver must have a valid driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the license plate number of the vehicle. Permits are based on status (student, staff, etc.) and housing locations. There is no free parking available on the Saint Mary's campus if you have not obtained a visitor's permit from the Campus Safety desk. If you have any questions, or need additional information, contact Campus Safety.

Register for Parking Permit (Winona students only)

Student Parking

Resident Student Parking: There are a number of designated parking lots and stalls that are available for student vehicles: Performance Center, Saint Joe’s, Saint Edward’s, Watters, Yon’s, and the Old and New Village. Due to the high volume of traffic on campus, drivers are encouraged to leave their vehicles at home whenever possible.

Commuter Student Parking: Commuter students are assigned the Brown parking lots, located on the north side of Gostomski. Because of the increasing number of commuter students, there are times when the Commuter Lot is full. When the Brown lot is full, commuters must park in the day lot near the baseball field.

Faculty and Staff Parking: There are a number of parking lots and spaces designated for faculty and staff on campus. The following lots are for faculty/staff parking ONLY: Hoffman Hall, Chapel Row, La Salle, Skemp, and Heffron. In addition to these lots there are a number of faculty/staff spots in lots around campus. Also, the Saint Mary's Press parking lot is not available to any students or faculty who are not employed by the Press.

Parking Lot Map (pdf)

Snow Removal Policy (pdf)

Traffic Enforcement

Individuals who park vehicles illegally will be ticketed or towed. Campus Safety personnel reserves the right to enter a vehicle to ascertain its ownership or to confiscate illegal objects. Drivers are expected to stop their vehicle if indicated to do so by Campus Safety officers. Repeated traffic violations will result in the suspension and/or revocation of driving privileges on campus.

Drunk driving is a serious concern in today’s society. The university does not tolerate nor condone driving while under the influence of any substance. Campus Safety officers work with the Winona Police to stop and arrest drivers they believe to be driving under the influence. If arrested for DUI while on campus, a driver will have his or her driving privileges suspended.

Appeals of Traffic/Parking Violations

A vehicle violation citation or any other sanction imposed may be appealed to the Director of Campus Safety. After hearing the student’s defense, the Director determines the outcome. If a student is dissatisfied with the Director’s decision, he/she may appeal to the Dean of Students. The decision of the Dean is final.

Appeal Vehicle Violation Citations

Academic Breaks

All vehicles left on campus over break must be parked in the Yon's lot. If a student remains on campus and uses a vehicle, it must be registered with Campus Safety. Owners of vehicles are responsible for moving them in accordance with the snow removal policy. All unregistered vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense.